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DoubleSharp Consulting provides information technology services using a wide range of technologies and best practices. We have a proven record of successfully pairing technical solutions to business problems for a variety of clients.

Project: Customer Support Site

DoubleSharp’s initial engagement at Riverbed, Inc. was to work directly with the Support Department to redesign and overhaul the Customer Support Site to improve performance and provide additional self-service functionality to the customer, ultimately reducing the number of support calls the call center was handling. Using a Struts MVC framework, the site was successfully deployed on Tomcat accessing a MySQL database as well as Salesforce.com as both a datasource as well as a workflow engine. As the site was released, customer satisfaction improved in monthly polls, and overall customer support calls were reduced even more greatly than expected.

Project: Service Center Portal

After the successful release of the Customer Support Site, the common codebase was leveraged to develop a serial number generation and license key application to be used by a multitude of departments and partners: engineering, manufacturing, sales operations, support, as well as others. This application used both Windows Active Directory as well as Salesforce.com as an authentication source, and provided a custom built framework for permissioning and authorization.

website: http://www.riverbed.com
stock symbol: RVBD

Project: Investor Toolbox

investoolsDoubleSharp was engaged at Investools, Inc to assist with the development of the Investor Toolbox. The functionality of the site had not been updated in some time, and a project to redevelop it had already been initiated, however the timeline was beginning to slip and performance was not yet at acceptable levels. Using Java with a Struts MVC architecture on the back-end and a rich user interface utilizing jQuery, the project was brought back on schedule, and was ultimately delivered with functionality above and beyond what had been promised to the customer.

website: http://www.investools.com
stock symbol: AMTD

Project: E-Commerce Website

DemoSport was in need of a refresh for their website, and also wanted to build an online e-commerce presence. Using Shopify as the back end, customization work was done in Liquid to meet all of the requirements. Additional work was done promoting the site and events through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and similar sites, with measurable increases in traffic.

website: http://www.demosport.com


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